1. I want to have sex with one of the

  2. Unfuckingbelivable!!! Gorgeous women, nice editing too!

  3. would have liked to see an instant date here, but nice

  4. You guys are like perfect

  5. what is the girl in the middle of julia whats her name?

  6. I liked Kendall's dress

  7. this is a nice song it shows we all can love and there is someone for all

  8. I m ready babe suck it hard

  9. Obama is to blame either way

  10. misslalas is cute voice

  11. The one with black shorts and hat an backwards is so sexy

  12. is a bully! especially to heavier people she is a nasty specimen damaging the vegan lifestyle

  13. do 2 min of research and you can find the other takes.

  14. donde vivis hermosa

  15. u don't even know how the legal system works. Fuck you are one ugly fuck. SHIT.

  16. I think girls loves loves gay porn then boys...Because boys loves lesbian porns

  17. Ahh the 70s such an innocent time. I felt my jeans getting tighter than dick skin.

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