1. If I was on a date with my girl I would kick her off and say

  2. Thumbs up if you are blind and hear the sound of a fine ass!!

  3. She's really good

  4. I wish they did this in sheffield (england!)xx

  5. She just nails it on so many levels.

  6. Ah I think Phil is cuter than Dan

  7. Sounds like a Mars Volta song. *I love it.*

  8. Belle was still the beauty of everything even when she old

  9. Then fuck me but i believe that you have a little stick

  10. I came here for some sucky sucky action and they just talked:(

  11. #massive erection overload B=====D

  12. Would you like to get married and become an American?

  13. Jai Isam Isvaram brother, couldn't have said it any better or more respectfully myself. Thanks.

  14. wtf is this....whore.

  15. Then go on porn

  16. She was married to Mel Brooks!

  17. I cum too much on it

  18. she reminds me of sabrina vaz

  19. i like the slit throught

  20. If only there was more love, empathy, and compassion in this world!

  21. its a fucking sickness and hes dead! show some respect ass hole!!

  22. it's like a big fat guy with big arms

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