1. You should have the girls dance in skirts more often. Such a tease. Love it.

  2. I would have gotten up an say I like ur hair an dragged that bitch

  3. Lol the Lesbians are such assholes

  4. the guy with the glasses tho hahaha

  5. la Cruz Do you act like a typical spic or wetback?

  6. RIP Jen . She was so funny. If she were alive today she'd be huge.

  7. Her name is shinozaki ai

  8. Its pretty sexy

  9. Reading the comments like

  10. What an incredibly hot, sexy woman

  11. she is hot...

  12. Leigh pushes Jade to the stripper.OMFG!! Looooooooooool

  13. if this happens in front of me I would've bitch slpa the faget

  14. the black girl is pretty but the white is ugly

  15. queria assistir mais no tem legenda em portugus

  16. thats porn hahaahahaha

  17. so funny waching girls fail


  19. She knows who her daddy is? wow!

  20. Wait , so did she steal the car ?

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