1. Keep your people the whole world is on fire with hate stay strong?

  2. That girl was a bitch

  3. Jerking off makes your dick smaller fact

  4. U need some pants on

  5. ain't no porno ho, bruh...don't be talkin' bout' my boo likethat..shine! lol

  6. aparece otro canal con el logo The Warning High Voltage, con sus vdeos, tambin es de ustedes?

  7. No one had a gun up to her head she could've said no.

  8. +i like my women and subs 6&12 wanker

  9. es re lindo y ovio que le doy un like

  10. Must every woman look like a slut????

  11. muito esclarecedor, timo documentrio


  13. Where can I buy a nirt?

  14. she does but I still don't

  15. I have a lot going for me, I totally think your jealousy is cute.

  16. I reckon she could rep 180 with a better form

  17. that is what that bitch get

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