1. cute ass jjajajaja

  2. Are you serious? Not all imigrants are like that.

  3. Really girls

  4. Fuck these videos I'm ignoring this channel

  5. Omg your teeth and lips are freaking perfect like stop!

  6. would fuck you up boy so dont act hard

  7. From 2013. Is there a followup? before\/after?

  8. is it really her? looks exactly like her

  9. I'd bang them all day and night, let's have sex

  10. He has every fucking right to be racist sorry you guys don't know our first amendment

  11. did this bitch just roll a joint?

  12. His face look like going to take a shit

  13. going to throw up! Nasty!!

  14. Because I like my tits and enjoy showing them off. They make me money carry on.

  15. Boobs are real: Kongfirmed

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