1. nah, im like 5

  2. each 2girls 1cup

  3. most of the stuff she used can be found at a drugstore\/grocery store ! :-)

  4. need to see a therapist.

  5. why? because im making valid points? fuck feminists!

  6. I wish i'd been born on a planet where the small penis is most desirable

  7. damn that was hot


  9. she is my fave

  10. she has a dick

  11. Honestly, I'm not really a big fan. Her and Sonika just bother me.

  12. guys saying they like twerking and girls saying no, lol

  13. Your so beautiful and the cat is SO CUTE

  14. omg its tree broken Girls becouse corny is a girl ILUMINATY CONFIRMED!

  15. Hey. at least she was using protection

  16. That chocolate ass looks tasty.

  17. I could probably do better but I just don't feel like it right now

  18. Kid, you should stop that addiction. Your body is still growing. Masturbation will stunt your growth.

  19. Damm her sis don't play dat shit

  20. Didn't Dawn Marie wear something like this?

  21. also said that she broke no laws or did i misinterpret you sentence

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