1. plz make new videos like miniature things

  2. oh good i thought i was the only one. i was like

  3. The hard work pays off a nice body like his.

  4. I will work here for free. IN FACT ILL PAY YOU TO LET ME WORK THERE

  5. was she chewing gum...?

  6. Lol ok man,check me on fb if u give a fuck

  7. Looks like 2 really good looking retards trying to teach each other to dance..

  8. Nice pussy.SEX time

  9. my friends little sister is A LOT more beautiful than this girl

  10. Hey look I'm 18 and I like you

  11. She is so cute with her Lil self Awwwwwwww adorable

  12. hope they brothers kill you bitch

  13. your dance with that sexy body makes my BILBUL go high to the sky..

  14. Well, that's freaking hot

  15. Let me ask you this who gives or gave a fuck

  16. really?? where is this guy??i want to meet him!

  17. I feel like these guys went to the same acting school as Keanu Reeves.

  18. Young girl isn't gud

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