1. personally i thought the fourth girl was the prettiest.... i dont know why people are hating

  2. can I fart like that

  3. what the fuck you doing

  4. You sexy as Fuck boo

  5. but I don't see why they think her liking girls to is wrong

  6. tony danza always seemed like he'd be such a good and sweet dad in real life lol

  7. She dosen't talk much

  8. H She's right up under the table.

  9. Rather have those struggles

  10. another hatin female smh....

  11. Fuck bitch or not...she's way too hot for that pipsqueak!!!

  12. I agree one hundred percent on the old Hill. She's friend to no one except Hill.

  13. Why so many dislikes?

  14. Looks like a war between two factions within the Congo.

  15. Most stripy tops youtube channel

  16. OMG he had a boner im dying!

  17. Dumbasses can't just comply. Always have to make everything More difficult for the officers

  18. Dogs are nasty as shit

  19. by a technicality She could've killed him if the fight continued.

  20. u love japanese foodur a weeaboou like hentaiu like tentaclesu like loli lol-lol-lol-lol-i

  21. This is a shitty video. Don't always assume your audience is male, dumbass.

  22. Sick mother fucker in the beginning probably had shit smeered all over his ass

  23. No I'm not . the blaack bitches are pathetic and so is your mom.

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