1. She makes as much sense as Sarah Palin. VP material right there.

  2. Did the one that came from the mirror put her fingers up the woman's pussy?

  3. the problem is all with her nose???? seriously? gawd. she's beautiful.

  4. It's so unattractive..I don't see why people would want those kinds of boobs..

  5. bloodclot paintings. ..lmao that's nasty af

  6. What if you fall in love with a lesbian who's about to marry another woman?

  7. sex by a ghost boring

  8. MORE CUNTY COPS. Aren't you assholes proud, fucking bastards.

  9. like manh nao ae

  10. Ugly bitch

  11. Duh he's friend pounds him and loves his hairy ass slash tramp stamp

  12. Crazy hot love you

  13. Muito bom! LIKE!

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