1. How do i start working out i dont know where to begin?

  2. So embarrassing when you drop your dildo

  3. Just straight fuckery!! What is this world comin to!

  4. 1.14 great pair of legs from the blonde.

  5. why are girls such sluts

  6. she new that guy lol

  7. Sex is legal at the age of 15 here in Sweden.

  8. That cute little face she makes when she's tonguing my balls

  9. what if it was the other way round would you say shes a horny girl

  10. Shane Dawson's brother shoving food in his face.

  11. Damn I'll eat your ass and pussy out

  12. Don't jump don't do it LOL She's prettyand Oh don't cry ~

  13. Why are u being a bitch to the muslim people


  15. I came here only for fashion

  16. Her name sounds like paprika

  17. If Barack Obama had thirty to forty teen-age sons, they would all be black criminals.

  18. who the fuck would believe that mask is real so dumb

  19. The Butterfly Effect

  20. I wouldn't fuck her

  21. I LOVE your hair like that!

  22. Do you mean fake lesbians?

  23. Why cant be trainiers at the Gym be like him.

  24. :o wow I would tap that ass and her tits lol xd;)

  25. go cry somewhere else faggot

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